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Certainty is questionable in most cases.

Doubt is a way of looking at issues far from certainty and stability, which results in raising questions. When a question is asked, until the moment when the answers to the questions are found, mental peace will be suspended, and usually the mind will seek to find the question to escape from this situation. In fact, finding the answers to these questions, both positive and negative, will take us out of the state of suspension and bring our mind to the stability of the current situation and allow us to take the next steps.

Now, if you deliberately doubt things, especially things that are publicly accepted or that you already believe, you put yourself in a position to raise new questions about things that have already been proven. In this situation, you will face with several types of questions and answers:

  • Questions whose answer is to return to the previous situation. In fact, your subconscious mind will find answers to bring you back to the previous state due to the fear of change and possibly suffering after this change. These questions and answers have almost no value and are what we usually call escapism.

  • Questions that are deviant. This type of questions is similar to the first category. In fact, our mind cleverly asks us questions that seem deep on the surface to convince us that it has been deeply explored, but the answers to these questions will lead you to the same conclusions before doubting. to reach the previous stable state again. Usually, the mind chooses these kinds of questions so that it has less torment of conscience later.

  • Questions that are deep and the answers to them are likely to change our beliefs.

I will try to raise questions about seemingly certain issues so that asking these questions can change the way we look at the world. Please follow me by signing up for the website newsletter to stay up to date.

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