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Unlock boundless opportunities!

Elevate your community with
P R O P E R T O L O G I S T  solutions

Discover top-tier agencies and supercharge your sales network with our expert services, driving unprecedented growth for your business

Who we are?

We are
real estate

We're boosting construction companies sales networks by connecting them with trusted brokers worldwide, enhancing their reach and accelerating property sales for sustained growth and success in the global market.

Wo we are

Key services

Our services are fully customizable, and we're crafting a bespoke model just for you. Reach out and let's build a tailored solution to elevate your business.

For brokers/agencies

Are you looking for professional realtors? We will easily deliver your message to a large number of top realtors.

For Construction firms

Beyond our extensive database of 35,000+ real estate agents, we're crafting a personalized tailored campaign exclusively for you base on your standards to acquise new, professional, and reliable sellers.

For realtors

Do you want to join a reliable company that works in line with your goals? If it is difficult to find a company that has an organizational culture compatible with your standards, we make it simple.



Real estate
digital marketing

Embark on a comprehensive journey with us, learning to build a thriving digital marketing process from A to Z. Our course, grounded in the latest insights, is uniquely tailored to your company for a truly customized and impactful learning experience.

Content marketing

In the realm where content is king, creating profitable content demands expertise. Join us as we guide you in creating engaging content tailored to resonate with your audience, ensuring a meaningful connection.

Attention: Social networks will only waste your time. Read a book instead


is behind?

With over two decades in marketing, I have honed my expertise in the intricate world of real estate for the past 5 years. As the leader of the PROPERTOLOGIST team, our commitment is to understand your concerns and needs deeply.


Trust us to make selling effortless, leveraging our extensive experience for your success.


welcome to a seamless real estate growth journey with PROPERTOLOGIST.

Saman Faegh


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