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A serial entrepreneur, currently immersed in the realm of real estate startups, has a profound passion for delving into the realms of work psychology and philosophy and researches for startup concepts and growth methods every day. Someone who wants to finish his book faster and publish it.

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Who am I

Serial entrepreneur
and business developer

For the past 23 years, I have worked every day on ideas that I believe have growth potential. Working on an idea and turning it into a business that solves a problem is the thing I love most after my family

The result of these years has been: managing different companies with more than 60 million dollars in revenue and attracting more than 9 million users on different platforms and 2 successful EXIT

Who am I



My career started in March 2000. A 23-year path that was complicated but attractive and gained valuable experiences. My experiences in working, founding startups and investing all together made my identity today.

Please click the "read more" button and see my list of previous activities.


What do I write?

I have been writing blog posts about entrepreneurship, leadership, business and startups for more than 15 years. I started writing the book about 4 months ago. The name of the book is "My revolutionary bullshits about habit". Also you can read my blog, which is called "Short bullshits" or wait for the publication of my book.

Where else do I write?

Subscribe to Substack and in addition to receiving an attractive gift, you will receive an article every month that is not published on the weblog.

Also see a list of my articles on other websites   >>

In the media

Sometimes I write analytical topics for newspapers and sometimes for websites. Sometimes they publish an issue based on my words. Find some of my articles >>

Let's >

Talk face 2 face

I will have a private consultation with you. I can help you with your business growth strategy and help you identify ways to grow your market share. Click on the link below to reserve a consultation time.

Plan the speech

I can speak about growth and development strategies, startup and marketing issues. If you would like me to be a speaker at your event, please click on the link below

Socials . . .

Attention: Social networks will only waste your time. Read a book instead



Alijah Shahrbanoui

Marketing Consultant

Saman is a great person who has a global vision in the field of business and related solutions.

When we have a chance to chat together, his level of study and vision is interesting in strategy and execution.


Adel Talebi

Online Business Strategist

For me, Saman is an example of a hardworking person who does not stop reaching the goal he has set and tries to achieve the goal he has set at any cost.


Ali Shokouhi

Marketing Director

Our first meeting was in DS office in Tehran, and he planned to run a TV show. Before our meeting, I thought he would be such a person who is just looking for a sponsor, but I found him as an expert in Branding, Marketing and PR.
Saman has a deep understanding of consumer behavior and the latest industry trends. He excels at creating compelling marketing campaigns that effectively reach target audiences and drive business. Saman has a great ability for identifying opportunities and developing strategies to capitalize on them.

List of +2500 Accelerators and Incubators

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