Hello loser

You are loser unless you try to learn something deep and if you don't care about that, I don't care you are here. If so, welcome to the club.


I just try to raise chaos in minds so we will break forms and may cause growth

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it is on its way

Shitty ideas about shitty issues that somebody shit about it before, is the subject of my book series which is on its way and will release soon.

I named this series, My transformative bullshits ;)

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I just tried to seek the truth. A critical thinking and look helped me not to simply accept the contents and to find logical reasons for it. My collection of books is based on this.
You too can soon participate in a practical "critical thinking" workshop.

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"Man thinking with self" by Enrico Riley


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Instead of seeing what I do on social media, you can read. There are many books on Amazon that make the most of your damn time.

Short bullshits

​Everyone I know writes, so why not me? Here are some short bullshits to help you get started thinking more. Also you can find some bullshits about Marketing and related subjects.

I hate having to repeat everything TWICE.
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